Your Guide To Going Solar In Maine.
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At Maine Solar Solutions, our mission is to empower you to make an informed decision about solar electric solutions for your home or business.

We specialize in the design and installation of solar electric (PV) and battery backup systems. Our highly skilled, Maine-based team manages every aspect, from design to permitting to installation, ensuring a seamless and stress-free solar installation experience for you.

Maine Solar Solutions also offers a 30-year warranty on solar panels, inverters, labor, roof penetration, and rooftop electronics, which is the longest available in Maine. This warranty demonstrates our belief in the durability and performance of our solar systems.

Why Go Solar?

Eliminate You Electric Bill

A professionally designed solar electric system can offset your entire annual electricity usage, reducing your monthly bill to a fixed monthly service fee of around $23. If you pay cash, you can look forward to a quick return on investment. If you finance, you have turned your electric bill into a stable fixed monthly expense.

Federal Tax Credit
30 Year
Labor and Parts Warranty
7-12 Year
Return on Investment

The Homeowner's Guide to Going Solar in Maine

Solar Faqs

Helpful Information For Your Solar Journey

There is a lot to learn when deciding to invest in a solar electric system. Our experts will guide you throughout the process of determining if a renewable energy system makes sense for you. To support you on your solar journey, we've gathered answers to our most frequently asked questions, and remember, our team is just a call or click away.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Energy?
  • You’ll become energy independent by producing your own source of electricity. A properly designed system can make and offset up to 100% of your electricity usage over a year.
  • Solar electric systems currently qualify for a 30% federal tax credit, making now an opportune time to invest in solar as it The availability of the solar tax credit is a great benefit for most solar customers as it essentially lowers the cost of a solar electric system by 30% until 2032! This also includes battery backup systems.
  • Most of our customers see a system payback period of 7 to 12 years, yet they will reliably produce clean energy for 30+ years. So once your system pays for itself, you may enjoy 18-24 years or more of nearly free electricity.
  • Solar power is environmentally friendly. When you install a solar electric system, you are taking real and tangible action to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources, all while harnessing an unlimited resource.
Does Solar Even Work In Maine?

It may not seem like solar works in Maine (especially if you are reading this during the winter), but Maine receives quite an incredible amount of sun to make solar effective and affordable. In fact, Maine receives nearly 20% more sunlight annually than Germany, which is a leader in solar installations.

Do I Have To Install Solar On My Roof?

Though installing on your roof is the most common, many customers also install solar panels on their garage, barn, outbuilding, or even a pre-wired solar shed can work too! Ground-mounted solar arrays are also an excellent option if your roof is heavily shaded, not well oriented, or if you have aesthetic concerns about putting solar on your home or any building on your property.

Will I Need Batteries To Go Solar?

A grid-tied solar electric system will not provide backup power during a power outage. If you would like to leverage your investment and add a rechargeable backup source to run essential loads during an outage, you would need to add a battery backup system, like a Telsa Powerwall. Even if you aren’t quite ready for batteries during your initial solar install, our team can prep your system for a future battery install. Whether you want to go off the grid, have a backup during a power outage, or are interested in retrofitting your existing grid-tied solar system, we're happy to guide you on what energy storage options work best for your home or business.

How Do You Determine How Many Solar Panels I Will Need?

First, it’s important to know that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Just as each home’s electric bill varies, so does the size and ultimately the cost of a solar electric system designed to eliminate that home’s electric bill. To get you a customized quote, we consider several factors: your electricity consumption, the shading, orientation, and pitch of your roof, and the types of solar panels you choose.

The best way to see what a solar electric system will cost for your home or business is to schedule a Free Solar Assessment. Simply fill out the form, and we’ll get started!

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What Are The Ways To Pay For Solar Electric Systems?

Most customers choose between paying upfront for their solar electric system or financing the purchase and paying a monthly payment.

  • Direct Purchase
    Choosing to pay for a solar electric system out of pocket will give you the highest return on your investment. You’ll own your solar panels immediately and not have to pay any interest. Many of our customers have taken advantage of low-interest rates and increasing home values to pay for their solar systems with home equity loans or when refinancing their mortgages.
  • Solar Loans
    Financing the purchase of a solar electric system allows you to fix your cost of electricity for the lifetime of your loan. Your fixed monthly payments may at first be higher than your monthly electric bill, but over time as electricity rates go up, your monthly payments will stay the same. Maine Solar Solutions offers solar financing through Mosaic. Mosaic offers no money down, low-interest rates, and a variety of term lengths with no prepayment penalties. Additional financing options may be available through your local bank or credit union.
How Long Will My Solar Electric System last? Is It Warrantied?

A well-installed solar PV system should last more than 30 years, so it’s important to ensure the system is warranted and guaranteed accordingly. Manufacturer warranties for solar panels and rooftop electronics are typically 25 years. Maine Solar Solutions offers the longest warranty available in Maine: 30 years on solar panels, inverters, labor, roof penetration, and rooftop electronics. This warranty demonstrates our belief in the durability and performance of our solar systems.

About Maine Solar Solutions

Maine Solar Solutions is a local business with a big impact. With over a decade of experience installing solar electric systems, we’ve helped thousands of residents and businesses in Maine make the switch to solar. From design to permitting to installation, our experienced in-house staff — the owner, solar advisors, consultants, office, warehouse staff, installations crews, and licensed electricians — are here to make the process of going solar easy for you. We handle all the details to make your solar installation straight-forward and worry-free.

Our Process

Your free no-obligation consultation will include an onsite assessment, a customized system design with solar panel options, and a range of pricing to fit your needs and budget.

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This free downloadable resource is packed with answers to the most common questions we receive about solar energy installations in Maine.

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Federal Tax Credit

The federal solar tax credit for residential and commercial solar panel installations and battery backup helps make solar an even better investment right now. At 30%, the tax credit may help you save thousands on your solar electric system.

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Our Process

Our team of solar experts offers a consultative approach to assessing your goals and designing the perfect system for your property, focusing on clear communication and providing everything you need to make an informed decision.

1. Discovery

The first step is a brief phone call, where we gather some information and schedule a free solar site assessment. We confirm your address, collect some information about your home, and determine your annual electricity usage and any potential usage increases or decreases.

2. Free Solar Assessment

During the onsite assessment, we will measure your roof, determine its pitch and orientation, and conduct a thorough shade reading and roof measurement. In addition, we assess your electrical service and discuss the panel layout and location of wire runs.

3. Preliminary Proposal

During your virtual proposal meeting, we will present a preliminary solar proposal. We typically present a few different system options as system size and solar panel choice will impact the final system price. We illustrate the difference between solar panel manufacturers and the panels they offer. We show how system size affects the installed cost, outline your financing options, explain how solar policy works in Maine, and review the federal solar tax credit.

4. Revised Proposal

Based on the information gathered during the site evaluation and your feedback on the preliminary proposal, we will prepare a fixed-cost, revised proposal. We are always happy to revise system size and specifications to meet your renewable energy goals and budget.

5. Installation

If you choose to have Maine Solar Solutions install your solar electric system, we will prepare an installation contract. We manage all aspects of the system installation in-house, including permitting, utility paperwork, and registering your system. Our qualified and experienced installation team will get the job done quickly and professionally, ensuring a safe and code-compliant installation.

6. Activation

After installation, we will activate your system and set up your free monitoring software. We warranty our installations for ten years and will always be here to assist you with any questions you may have.

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What Our Clients Say

"These folks are at the top of their game when it comes to the solar business! We were so pleased with the process from beginning to end very professional and caring, knowledgeable and assisted with all aspects of the solar install, from placement, type, panel install and various required paperwork with the utility company(s). There are a variety of solar companies doing business here in Maine, but highly recommend that shoppers pick Maine Solar Solutions!"

Roki Horr

"Maine Solar Solutions did an excellent job in all aspects from the day I called to ask about getting some solar panels, right through to completion of the job and code inspections. Each employee (whether phone or in person) was friendly, courteous and helpful, and the installation crew was excellent and was incredibly respectful of our property. The code inspection was quick and easy, which is a testament to their work and safety standards. It is clear that they do thorough preparation for a great result. Could not have been happier working with Maine Solar Solutions, and would certainly recommend them to anyone."

Tom Rolfson

"This is a class-act company. They did a solar array with battery backup for our house. Everyone we interacted with at the company was great. Super happy with the end result. Would recommend to anyone considering a solar project."

Sandra Brown-Casey

"My experience with Maine Solar Solutions has been nothing but positive from start to finish. The entire team was courteous, prompt and professional. Their clear communication made it so that I understood the process and what to expect. They were always quick to respond and just plain kind across the board. I highly recommend Maine Solar Solutions to anyone looking to have solar panels installed. They are amazing group of people. Thank you!"

Oren Gersten

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